• Service Reservoir Inspection and Cleaning
  • Reticulation Pipe Cleaning
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Consumers Complaints
  • Sanitary Survey
  • Consumer Awareness Programme
Drinking water quality has always been SYABAS’ top priority. Water quality results reported in the year ended 31st December 2011 indicated that SYABAS has continued to meet the high standards set out in the Ministry of Health’s National Standard for Drinking Water Quality and its Quality Assurance Programme (QAP). It also complies with the requirement of the Mandatory Levels of Service specified under the Concession Agreement with the Federal Government and the State Government of Selangor.
In 2008, SYABAS has been aggressively implementing the Water Quality Improvement Master Plan and the results have been excellent. The continuous water quality monitoring at 1,100 water sampling stations located at the water treatment plant outlets, balancing reservoir outlets, service reservoirs and distribution mains has shown water quality violations greatly reduced. Consequently, this resulted in the reduction of water quality complaints from consumers compared to the previous years.
Of a total of water quality analyses carried out by SYABAS and the Ministry of Health in 2011, 99.47% complied with the National Standard for Drinking Water Quality with zero violation for microbiological parameters. Any non-compliance to the standards is taken seriously and SYABAS conducts a thorough investigation and, where necessary, do everything possible to correct the fault.
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