HI4000-47 ISE Slope Check Buffers with Chloride Background
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HI4000-47 is a set of pH 4 and pH 7 buffer packets (includes 10 packets of each buffer). These buffer packets contain chloride ions to allow an inner electrode check of the ammonia and carbon dioxide ion selective electrodes.


The ammonia and carbon dioxide sensors are both gas sensing, combination ion selective electrodes (ISEs) that contain an internal glass pH element to determine ammonia and carbon dioxide concentrations, respectively. An inner electrode check with the HI4000-47 buffers ensures the pH element is in working condition, permitting accurate ISE measurements.
  • Prepared with high purity chemicals
  • Pre-measured buffers for ease of use
  • Clearly marked lot number and expiration date


HI4000-47 is a package containing pH 4 and pH 7 buffer packets with chloride ions and two plastic beakers. The special pH 4 and pH 7 buffers have a chloride background to verify the inner pH glass assembly housed within the ammonia and carbon dioxide gas sensing ISEs.

Before assembling an ammonia or carbon dioxide ISE for the first time, or if reactivating after storage, the inner glass assembly should be conditioned and tested as a pH electrode. The pH buffer packets can be added to 50 mL of deionized or distilled water and the sensor assembly carefully immersed in solution. When the mV measurement in each buffer solution is stable and recorded, the mV difference can be calculated. A calculated mV difference equal or greater than 160 mV is acceptable for temperatures between 20 and 25°C.



Package packets and beakers
Quantity 10 packets each buffer; 2 beakers
Certificate of Analysis No

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